26 Feb 2016, 13:34

But I don't want multi-tenant networking


I’m in a bit of a conundrum at work.

It’s coming to the point where I need to put some formality around how everything talks to everything else. I’m merging three different network administrative domains (at least, there’s some partners that really are another curveball).

The question comes how - how do I bridge our internal network IP spaces?

I believe - and that’s a funny item to be looked at in a minute - that the principle of least surprise says that the network which engineers are wanting to use in the environment is one that is as flat as possible from the ip route perspective. It is the one where I can reach any other part of it (ignoring security policy) without having to think about it. When people ask “Can I get to that from here?” they usually are asking “Are there policy permits that let me get to there from here?” and not usually “Would a packet leaving me be routed in the right way to get there (and getting routes back)?”

Now, there is a new generation of engineers who are growing up “cloud native” and recognize that managing the IP space

This might just be me, so I should probably ask around… that’s a blog article on it’s own. Or holding this one…

Of course, there’s always IPv6. In theory, that solves everything. But that’s not a space that I’m going to see soon. Hopefully, I can be a midwife to usher that in, but that means handling both.